A year without socks

On Wednesday, I’m setting off for my digital nomad adventure at last!

As I’ve told several friends, partners, and family members, my goal is to make this… a year without socks. 🧦

That’s right! I hate winter! 🥶 And I’ve certainly gotten enough of the cold weather here in North Carolina over the past 3 months!

So much so that I’ve decided NOT to return to the States in Novembers for Thanksgiving so long as I have other fun places to be!

Instead, I plan to be here in Mays and Septembers… perfect months for kayaking, sitting around a fire pit in the evenings, hiking, camping, and more outdoor activities. Yeah, maybe I’ll need socks sometimes, but I’m going to avoid it if I can!

Why bind these toes when they want to be free??? 😆

Flip flops and sandals, here I come!

That’s also part of how I’m choosing my destinations…

Where can I be outside, not just for fun activities, but in daily life? With open-air restaurants, Mexico seems like a great first choice. Plus there are so many interesting things to do there!

Ah, the great outdoors! Nature is calling!

And I intend to answer.

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